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“It is now 10 years since he’s been gone.  Only recently am I able to speak about him, not with words, but through these photographs”. 

My Dad, my best friend, became a World War II Pacific Campaign hero at the age of 19.  He was amazingly fortunate to return home at all. He then began a new life with our Mom, had a family, returned to school, and became a master carpenter. 

He was remarkably humble, a shared characteristic of ‘America’s Greatest Generation’. Through our Dad we came to recognize the faces of courage, compassion, and kindness.  Lesson’s around the dinner table with 7 children had little to do with eating and lots to do with honesty and respect. 

Just as He Left It is a series of photographs that connect us to our past and to ourselves. They are crafted to express the honor and dignity of Joseph L. Attardo by capturing moments, settings and the personal objects that define who he was and how he lived. These personal objects are just as he left them. 

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